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Our CSR Programs

McDonald's takes hamburger business more serious than anyone in the world.
McDonald's provides high-quality food to our customers based on a strict quality
management system, and also gives answers to all questions our customers have regarding the cooking process.

What is the 'Scale for Good Campaign?'

Scale for Good campain

The Scale for Good Campaign is a global movement initiated by McDonald's to help solve social and
environmental issues across the world as a responsible global company.

McDonald's is a responsible global company which runs approximately 37,000 restaurants in 120 markets in the world,
and about 69 million customers visit it per day. Hence, a small change in McDonald's can make a tremendous change in the world.

Global McDonald's Five Major Tasks

Greenhouse gas reductions

  • McDonald's has installed
    eco-friendly LED lights
    with high efficiency at all
    restaurants across the country.
  • McDonald's has been test-running
    restaurants with the solar power
    generation (at five different
    locations, including Busan and Jeju).
  • McDelivery has been using
    green electric bikes (in some areas).
  • McDonald's has been recycling
    waste cooking oil to make
    eco-friendly biodiesel.

McDonald's is committed to reducing the greenhouse gases emitted while supplying and distributing raw materials,
at restaurants and offices throughout the world.

Sustainable supply

  • McDonald's uses only healthy chickens that are free of antibiotics which have been defined harmful by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • 100 % of McCafe's coffee
    beans have been replaced with coffee
    beans that are certified as
    eco-friendly by the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Eggs will be replaced with eggs
    certified Animal Welfare
    Approved eggs by 2025.

McDonald's will do its best to use sustainable raw materials from farms to restaurants.

Eco-friendly packaging

  • McDonald's has been using
    environment-friendly packaging materials that have been approved by the 'Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)' for the first time in the foodservice industry in Korea (since the first half of 2019).
  • Paper bags provided at
    restaurants are made from green
    recycled paper.
  • Multi-use cups are used
    at restaurants to reduce the use of
    disposable products.

McDonald's has been using and recycling eco-friendly packaging materials
but will do even more to make the Earth a better place to live.

Promises for family

  • Healthier options have been added
    to the Happy Meal and the menu for family
    customers (since the second half of 2019).
  • Books are provided with the Happy Meal
    through Happy Meal Readers Program
    which has been introduced
    since the second half of 2019.
  • McDonald's has been sponsoring building 'Ronald McDonald House,' at Children's Hospital at Busan University, where children with serious illnesses and their families can stay and get treatment nearby. (construction to be completed by the second half of 2019)

McDonald's will provide menu options
which are more beneficial to the health and provide more delightful
experiences to family customers with children.

Investment in People

  • 'Independent Business Type' Program: McDonald's offers training programs at its headquarters and on-the-job training opportunities to help employees become professionals in the foodservice industry by sharing our experiences as a leader in the quick service restaurant industry in the world.
  • McDonald's in cooperation with
    the Ministry of Employment and Labor has implemented the
    'Learning while Working Program'
    to support employees to continue learning
    while working and grow as a
    professional in the industry.
  • 'College Education Opportunity' Program: Employees who want to pursue higher education while working are given opportunities to continue with their college education and earn a bachelor's degree.

More than one million McDonald's employees continue
learning every year while working at
McDonald's to improve their work capabilities.

Kim Ji-woong, Manager at DT store in Namak, Mokpyo

My self-esteem that evolves

When I started working here, I thought McDonald's was just a place where I would do my part-time job. That’s it. Now, McDonald’s is more than that since I’ve been here for 16 years.

Diverse experiences here at McDonalds have led me to think that McDonald’s is a company that always leads new attempts, and changes. McDrive, McDelivery, and the latest Future Restaurant.

As I have continued trying various new things and making changes, I could feel proud of being "first" while working here at McDonald’s. McDonald’s changes are my sense of joy and pride. I will never stop leading such new changes.

Kim Ji-woong, Manager at DT store in Namak, Mokpyo

Kwon Young-mi, Crew at Kyunghee university store

My own secret of
being passionate every day

It was not that easy living a life with night and day flipped around as I work the night shift. But as a 'mom' and a 'wife,' I decided to work harder not to forget to be a 'neighbor' and a 'friend' to customers.

Now I’ve become more like an older sister of the restaurant after all these years of trying to embrace the changing system positively and quickly.
The crew members, my colleagues say that my passion inspires and motivates them to change and grow together.

So, I am going to work with a bigger passion for myself, and the customers tonight.

Kwon Young-mi, Crew at Kyunghee university store

Lee Ji-hyeok, Rider at Mia Station Store

A person who delivers happiness

I thought that the way I view my work would make customers think differently. Rather than just thinking 'I am doing this because of the money, I need to do this for money,' I decided to think 'I am doing this because I want to deliver happiness to people.'

That was the moment when I approached my job with a changed point of view. After that, I started to appreciate working, and this positivity also spread to customers somehow.

So here I am, working with gratefulness and joy. I will do my best to deliver much more happiness.

Lee Ji-hyeok, Rider at Mia Station Store

Lee Na-ra, Crew at Seokchon Store

Changing myself beyond McDonald’s

As I became a 'service leader' and had to contact more customers this year, communication with customers became vital.
It was very awkward and challenging at first. However, the more I worked, the more I wanted to hear compliments from customers that the employees at this store are kind. Since then, I have done my best to smile all the time while I was working.

And amazingly, I started to enjoy working. What was more, customers knew that I changed positively and welcomed me with a smile, which made me very happy.

The desire to do better and hear compliments brought a change not just to McDonald’s but more importantly to myself.

Lee Na-ra, Crew at Seokchon Store