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Brand Introduction

From the small restaurant in 1955 to today, McDonald's has been
striving to be Our Customer’s Favorite Place and Way to Eat

The world's number one food service company, McDonald's

Nearly 1.7 million employees are currently working at about 34,000 restaurants in 119 countries around the globe. McDonald's, which provides 69 million customers with quality products and services every day is a Quick Service Restaurant(QSR) that every person across the globe love. McDonald's, as the world's top food service enterprise, remains fully committed to becoming "our customers' favorite place and way to eat by providing them with better experiences.

The first Step of McDonald's Korea

  • Do you remember how Seoul grabbed global attention with the hosting of 1988 Summer Olympics?

    McDonald's first met customers in Korea in 1988 when the Seoul Olympics was held. Since then, McDonald's has been Korea's beloved restaurant with its world-famous menus such as BigMac, French Fries and Happy Meal.

  • The Grand Opening of Apgujeong restaurant, the first McDonald's one in Korea.

    McDonald's opened its first Korea restaurant in Apgujeong, a rising trendy neighborhood. Hundreds customers in line celebrated the successful start of McDonald's in Korea, which showed McDonald's potential for sustained growth in Korea.

  • We keep on advancing.

    McDonald's has been contributing to job creation in Korea by have been closely collaborating with domestic partners and currently hiring 15,000 staff members. McDonald's has been supporting domestic enterprises such as Ottogi and Maeil. McDonald's will continue to transform itself into the customers' favorite place by providing them with the best products and services at reasonable prices.

McDonald's Corporate History

  • 2022
    McDonald’s Korea holds ‘Boseong Green Tea Pork Burger Festival.’
    보성녹돈 버거 페스티벌 전경
    Kiwon Kim assumes the role as
    CEO of McDonald's Korea.
    Electric McDelivery bikes fully deployed
    in all directly owned restaurants.
    ‘My McDonald’s Rewards’ loyalty
    Program is officially launched.
    첫 적립 시 맥너겟 무료 마이 맥도날드 리워드 출시!
  • 2021
    Korea’s very first Tandem Drive-Thru restaurant is launched
    by McDonald’s Korea.
    맥도날드 드라이브스루 전경 사진
    The ‘Taste of Korea’ Project is launched. The ‘BTS meal’ is globally launched.
    맥도날드 BTS 광고 사진
  • 2020
    A ‘Future-oriented, environmentally-friendly‘restaurant opened at Goyang Samsong.
    맥도날드 전경 사진
    The ‘Best Burger’ system dedicated to elevating
    Burger taste and quality is deployed.
    디테일의 차이가 버거의 차이
    Antoni Martinez assumes the role as CEO of
    McDonald's Korea.
  • 2019
    All McDelivery Bikes have been
    replaced with eco-friendly electric bikes in Jeju and Gwangju.
    An MOU is signed with Seoul City to adopt green electric scooters.
  • 2018
    2018 McDonald's becomes an official
    sponsor for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
  • 2017
    The 'Signature Burger,' a premium homemade burger
    is launched nationwide.
  • 2016
    McDonald's Korea unveils its first
    'Experience of the Future' restaurant at Sangam DMC.
    The Supreme Shrimp Burgers & Shrimp Beef Burgers
    make their first debut.
    Joo-yeon Joh becomes the CEO of Hankuk McDonald's.
  • 2015
    The 'Signature Burger,' a premium homemade burger,
    is introduced for the first time.
  • 2014
    The '1955 Burger,' a premium homemade burger is launched.
  • 2013
    McDonald's celebrates its 25th anniversary
    of operation in Korea.
    Joe Erlinger assumes the role of McDonald's CEO. The 'Happy Burger' campaign is launched. 'Soccer Class with Dad' and 'Soccer Class for children from multicultural families' both kick off.
  • 2012
    The 'Happy Value Menu,'' a new menu platform is launched. McCafé, an innovative service platform is introduced (June 26th).
  • 2011
    The Soccer Toolkit, an online soccer manual, is launched.
  • 2010
    McDonald's Korea tops the National Customer Satisfaction Index and Quick Service Restaurant. The Quarter Pounder with Cheese is launched in Korea. McDonald's Korea starts to provide free Wi-Fi service to all restaurants nationwide. Sean Newton takes the position of the CEO of McDonald's.
  • 2009
    McCafé, a premium coffee brand, is launched.
  • 2008
    McDonald's celebrates its 20th anniversary of operation in Korea.
  • 2007
    2007 McDelivery service kicks off. The french fries are replaced with french fries with
    lower trans fatty acids.
    Ronald McDonald Soccer Club, an afterschool program begins. RMHC Korea founds Children’s Hospital School at the Yangsan Busan National University Children’s Hospital. RMHC Korea develops a 'Comprehensive Program for Returning and Adapting to School' for children with tumors. Ronald McDonald House Charities Korea is initiated.
  • 2006
    McMorning is introduced in Korea. Ronald McDonald Soccer Club kicks off.
  • 2005
    24-hour open service starts. Children's Hospital School is established at
    Yonsei Severance Children's Hospital.
    McLunch is introduced in Korea.
  • 2003
    The McSpicy Shanghai Burger
    (*Shanghai Spicy Chicken Burger) is launched.
  • 1997
    The Bulgogi Burger hits McDonald's stores.
  • 1995
    The 100th franchise opens in Yeongdong.
  • 1992
    The Drive-Thru is adopted for the first time in the industry in Korea.
  • 1988
    The first McDonald's store opens in Apgujeong, Korea.
  • 2017
    Global McDelivery Day is celebrated on July 26 to support the global launch of McDelivery with UberEATS.
  • 2015
    McDonald’s USA launches the All Day Breakfast.
  • 2003
    McDonald’s first global advertisement campaign, "i’m lovin’ it" is launched in Munich, Germany on September 2.
  • 2002
    McFlurry Desserts are added to McDonald’s Canada menu.
  • 1993
    The world’s first McCafe´ opens in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • 1990
    The first McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow opens.
    On its opening day, more than 30,000 customers are served.
  • 1984
    January 14, 1984 Ray Kroc, Founder and Senior Chairman of the Board of McDonald's Corporation, passes away.
  • 1983
    Chicken McNuggets are added to all
    domestic U.S. restaurants' menus.
  • 1975
    The Egg McMuffin is added to the menu.
  • 1974
    The first Ronald McDonald House opens in Philadelphia.
  • 1973
    The Quarter Pounder and the
    Quarter Pounder with Cheese are added to the menu.
  • 1968
    The Big Mac is added to the menu.
  • 1965
    The Filet-O-Fish sandwich is added to the menu.
  • 1961
    McDonald’s System, Inc. purchases the rights from the McDonald brothers for $2.7 million. Hamburger University opens in Illinois.
  • 1956
    Fred Turner, future McDonald's Chairman is hired to work as a counterman.
  • 1955
    Ray Kroc opens his first McDonald's store.
  • 1954
    Ray Kroc visits the McDonald brothers.
  • 1949
    French Fries replace potato chips, and Triple Thick Milkshakes are added to the McDonald's menu.
  • 1948
    The menu is reduced to nine items, and the restaurant is reopened.
  • 1940
    The McDonald brothers open McDonald's Bar-B-Q restaurant.
Kim Ji-woong, Manager at DT store in Namak, Mokpyo

My self-esteem that evolves

When I started working here, I thought McDonald's was just a place where I would do my part-time job. That’s it. Now, McDonald’s is more than that since I’ve been here for 16 years.

Diverse experiences here at McDonalds have led me to think that McDonald’s is a company that always leads new attempts, and changes. McDrive, McDelivery, and the latest Future Restaurant.

As I have continued trying various new things and making changes, I could feel proud of being "first" while working here at McDonald’s. McDonald’s changes are my sense of joy and pride. I will never stop leading such new changes.

Kim Ji-woong, Manager at DT store in Namak, Mokpyo

Kwon Young-mi, Crew at Kyunghee university store

My own secret of
being passionate every day

It was not that easy living a life with night and day flipped around as I work the night shift. But as a 'mom' and a 'wife,' I decided to work harder not to forget to be a 'neighbor' and a 'friend' to customers.

Now I’ve become more like an older sister of the restaurant after all these years of trying to embrace the changing system positively and quickly.
The crew members, my colleagues say that my passion inspires and motivates them to change and grow together.

So, I am going to work with a bigger passion for myself, and the customers tonight.

Kwon Young-mi, Crew at Kyunghee university store

Lee Ji-hyeok, Rider at Mia Station Store

A person who delivers happiness

I thought that the way I view my work would make customers think differently. Rather than just thinking 'I am doing this because of the money, I need to do this for money,' I decided to think 'I am doing this because I want to deliver happiness to people.'

That was the moment when I approached my job with a changed point of view. After that, I started to appreciate working, and this positivity also spread to customers somehow.

So here I am, working with gratefulness and joy. I will do my best to deliver much more happiness.

Lee Ji-hyeok, Rider at Mia Station Store

Lee Na-ra, Crew at Seokchon Store

Changing myself beyond McDonald’s

As I became a 'service leader' and had to contact more customers this year, communication with customers became vital.
It was very awkward and challenging at first. However, the more I worked, the more I wanted to hear compliments from customers that the employees at this store are kind. Since then, I have done my best to smile all the time while I was working.

And amazingly, I started to enjoy working. What was more, customers knew that I changed positively and welcomed me with a smile, which made me very happy.

The desire to do better and hear compliments brought a change not just to McDonald’s but more importantly to myself.

Lee Na-ra, Crew at Seokchon Store